The company

TDE, Transdata commercialize and develops:
1. systems and softwares for statistical analyses of running times, urban congestion, passenger counting (BusLab®, StatHor®),

2. energy simulation software,

3. Streetcar track measurement systems and services,

Our mission is based on exploitation realities. Solutions are studied from real location data collection and suggested in order to optimise performance and costs.

Public transport plays a central role in ensuring urban mobility and protecting the environment. With buses, streetcars and regional trains, public transport is a necessary alternative to private car travels. Urban communities, organising authorities, carriers and urban network planners are good advisors for appropriate developments. The increasingly critical public is concerned about public transport attractiveness that must be cheap and managed green politics opinion. Transports performance requires information technology that we believe is essential. Our extensive experience in these advanced technologies provides significant support to public services and private companies. Our activity is aimed at three areas:

  • Analysis, planning and optimisation of operations: collection of raw data for running times, traffic congestion, passenger counting, transport performance indicators, and lines certification.  Services and systems set up.
  • Computer hardware and software for track and overhead wires control and management : fault and usury localization and expertise based on geometric parameters collection.
  • Software development, calculations and simulations in electric field.

Our expertise, experience and commitment enable us to take an active part in the development of the public transport of the future.