Data communication and hosting Geolocation data are reported in real time via cellphone network and GPRS protocol. Each TDE210 device is equipped with a SIM card and communicates directly with database server. For data hosting there are two solutions:

– secure hosting on TDE Transdata servers
– local hosting on site servers equipped with BusLab®

Software Suite
A software suite developed by TDE Transdata enables reception, exploitation and processing of datas. These programs are public transport-oriented and developed for simple and user-friendly use.

The BusLab® system is directly plugged with Stathor® analysis software. It enables to study a large number of analyses in field of running times, wasting times and commercial speed (scatter plot, 3D graphs…) but also passenger counting.

Online monitoring
TDE Transdata developed a real-time bus tracking webapp. This software allows visualization, of one or more network buses simultaneously on the same map. Furthermore, you will be able to view theoretical routes and previous vehicle tracking…